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What is A Robot Teach Pendant

What is A Robot Teach Pendant

Ⅰ. What’s a Robot “Teach Pendant”, its working and different functions?

First of all we should know that “it’s The Software that Runs Hardware” so likewise to run, control or check a robot (hardware) working we need software (stored in a PLC or Teach Pendent e.t.c,.).

A Robot Teach Pendant is an ultra modern type of a hand held gadget (wired or wireless) used in industrial & manufacturing environments by highly trained Professionals & Engineer’s to remotely control & for programming an industrial robot.

A Teach pendant is also referred to as a Teach box for step by step control of a robot when a robot is set to Teach mode or Learning mode. A Teach pendant controller doesn’t need a fixed terminal attachment for working with a robot.

As we all know that an industrial robot is used for manufacturing so with time & future demand’s a robot need’s more & more precision in its working. To acquire more & more functions from a robot it need’s to be periodically programmed and its versatile functions checked in Learning & teach mode when a robot is not working and is at full stop.

Some time a Teach pendant is attached to an industrial robot via a control cable. That cable can be lengthy i.e., at least a 10 Meter’s control cable because there is always a clear distance between an industrial robot & a highly skilled professional/engineer checking its different functions like a robot working Arm Tilting, Working Angles, Working Swing, Working Mobility and other auxiliary working capacities, capabilities & future enhancements.

Another edge of Teach pendant is robot configuration & programming from a point/space which has the best degree of clearance & visibility/view of a robot.    

Now let’s have a close look at some Teach pendant Brand’s as under.


Ⅱ. Different Models of Robot Teach pendants or Teach Boxes.

1. ABB Teach pendent

ABB also known as Asea Brown Boveri is a Swedish-Swiss Multinational Automation company.  

ABB Teach pendant new model product ID is 3HAC028357-001 and its size or dimensions are 38*34*22. The software required for its seamless operation & use is version RW5.07.02 or higher version. ABB old teach pendent ID is 3HAC023195-001 replaced by the new model above.

ABB teach pendant has a 6.5 inch LCD display with screen touch functions. It also has a new plastic case shell cover and comes with 10/30 meters control cable for connectivity with a robot. Although ABB is the original manufacturer of the ABB Teach pendant but they are manufactured also in China.

The ABB Teach pendant is stocked in 2 warehouses globally. One warehouse is in Shanghai, China & the other warehouse is in Menden, Germany. It has a Net or Gross weight of 3.06 Kg.       


2. Fanuc Teach Pendant

FANUC Corporation, Japan is a Japanese leading robot manufacturer. It also manufactures robot spare parts and associated hardware.

The Fanuc Teach Pendant is same like a teach pendent in size & working and is a combination of energy efficiency & speed and at the same time offering user-friendly operation. It has a convenient and comfortable design & a large color touch display. It incorporates multi-tasking functions like 3D graphics display.

You can create your own HTML screens using Fanuc i-pendent huge functions access. It’s easy to operate using built-in smart functions. I-pendent has a graphical editing function. It offers two additional axis on the display screen due to its newest jog keys. It has multi-task display for extra information.

It also includes USB port connection for mouse or memory stick usage. It also generates node maps on the colored screen for easy understanding of program points & motion paths thus making easy understanding of a robot working paths.

Its 3D Graphic’s display helps in easy setup of dual check safety configuration. It has an advanced 4D modeling function for on screen display of robot paths, safety zones, Frame setup & tools settings.   

The Fanuc iPendant has a visual jog function which uses a 3D model Technique which quickly confirms distance & direction of jogging or inching (Jogging means quick repeated actions of a circuit/control system attached to a robot for a specific work completion) according to NEMA-National Electrical Manufacturers Association, U.S.A


3. KUKA Smartpad

KUKA is basically a German manufacturer of industrial robots & systems related to industrial automation. A Chinese company Midea Group owns about 95% shares of KUKA.

It must be known to us all that Germany is the world’s biggest automobile Manufacturer in the world. So likewise Germany is also one of the country in the world that manufactures robots, industrial robots e.t.c,.

With Kuka smartpad you can have dynamic operation in the most demanding manufacturing requirements. The Kuka smartpad is designed to do the most complex operations easily in the most harsh conditions. It can be used anywhere in the most complicated environments and it can be easily used by even the inexperienced users.

The Kuka smartpad has an ergonomic panel for robot control & it also has a mesmerizing touch display. The Kuka smartpad shows only the most related operations options in real-time on its highly Dynamic touch display. Even the inexperienced users & Full professionals both alike can use the Kuka Smartpad due to its easy operations guidance.

The Kuka robots operating on different programming languages can be easily operated in the desired programming language at the time. Due to the Hot Pluggable capability & interface the Kuka smartpad can connected & disconnected anywhere, anytime and anyway. The Kuka smartpad has a 6D mouse for the 3 or 6 degrees reorientation of the robot.

It has an 8.4 inch touch screen for easy & quick operations.

It has 2 USB ports for application programs loading & saving inside the Kuka smartpad. The Kuka smartpad can rigorously control upto eight axes with its different jog keys. So at the end we easily see that that the Kuka smartpad is a Small industrial wizard with endless uses & applications.


4. YASKAWA Teach Pendant

The most important component of any industrial robot is a Teach Pendant. In the same manner Yaskawa Teach Pendant’s play a crucial & pivotal role in the control, programming and testing of any Yaskawa Manufacturing & industrial robot.

Different programming commands can be used via the entry mechanism of any pendant, either through a touchscreen or a keypad. For the welding applications different commands can be made input through the Yaskawa Teach pendent. Apart from programming Yaskawa teach pendants can also be at their best usage for technically adjusting & troubleshooting in a robot.

Different applications changes & adjustments can be also done quickly & easily. The robot user can also track the history of past applications. During an emergency a robot can be stopped through Yaskawa Teach pendant.

A Yaskawa Teach Pendant is the Newest teach pendant incorporating a Touchscreen. The Yaskawa Teach pendant is only workable with select Yaskawa robots fully controlled by their specific controller.

This Teach pendant is limited to the applications which are programmed into it by a professional user. The main Components of a Yaskawa Teach Pendant include a large touchscreen for display, a stop button. An enabling switch and 3 mode key switch are also inside the Yaskawa Teach pendent.

The Yaskawa Teach pendants offer user friendly operations thus making an application simple apart from programming of a robot. The Yaskawa Teach pendant has a slim design for easy use by the robot operator.


Ⅲ. Article Conclusion

At the end one can easily make the assumption & say that inRobots is the best website on the whole planet Earth for robot spare parts, Technical accessories and a lot of other stuff related to Mechatronics Engineering.

inRobots website is better then the best supplier of New/Used ABB Teach pendant, FANUC iPendant, KUKA Smartpad & YASKAWA Teach Pendants Spare parts & accessories When & Where you want.

In the table below are several brands of Teach Pendants, if you are interested you can click on the links to view the product details.


SKU Titles
DSQC679 3HAC028357-001 ABB DSQC679 3HAC028357-001 FlexPendant
A05B-2255-C101#EGN FANUC A05B-2255-C101#EGN iPendant
A05B-2518-C212#EMH A05B-2518-C212#EMH FANUC
A05B-2301-C301 FANUC A05B-2301-C301 iPendant
00-216-801 KUKA 00-216-801 KRC4 Smartpad
00-168-334 KUKA KRC4 00-168-334 KCP4 Smartpad
00-130-547 KUKA KCP2 KRC2 ED05 00-130-547 Smartpad
00-291-556 KUKA 00-291-556 KRC4 Smartpad-2
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