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Yaskawa JZNC-YRK21-1E CPU Unit Controller DX200

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The JZNC-YRK21-1E is a high-performance CPU unit controller specifically designed for integration within the advanced DX200 series robotic control systems.

  • This controller serves as the central processing hub, managing complex robotic functions, motion control, and I/O processing for industrial automation applications.
  • Equipped with enhanced computational capabilities, the JZNC-YRK21-1E efficiently handles complex robotic programming, real-time control, and high-speed data processing, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of industrial robotics operations.
  • Tailored to seamlessly integrate with Yaskawa's DX200 control platform, this CPU unit supports the latest robotic technologies and communication protocols, enhancing system flexibility and expandability.
  • Offers precise motion control algorithms, allowing for intricate path planning, position control, and synchronization of multiple axes, which is crucial for applications requiring high accuracy and speed.
  • Boasts extensive input/output capabilities, facilitating efficient communication with peripheral devices such as sensors, actuators, and HMIs, thereby streamlining the entire automation process.
  • Supports user-friendly programming languages and tools, making it easier for engineers to program, debug, and monitor robotic tasks, reducing development time and increasing productivity.
  • Incorporates advanced diagnostic features that enable real-time monitoring of system status, predictive maintenance alerts, and troubleshooting capabilities, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.
  • The controller allows for modular expansion through additional interface cards and options, accommodating system growth and future technological advancements.

For more detailed information such as exact specifications, dimensions, weight and interface details, please contact our service team for product details. If you have specific questions or need further assistance regarding the JZNC-YRK21-1E CPU Unit Controller, please contact us. provides high quality and low cost products and services for repairers, factories, engineers, distributors, etc. around the world, including a wide range of original, new, used and refurbished automated industrial robot parts. 

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