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Tosoku DPP02010N16R Series Rotary Switche New

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The Tosoku DPP02010N16R Series Rotary Switche are high-quality, digitally encoded rotary switches designed for use in various industrial applications, particularly in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, machine tools, and automation equipment.

  • These switches are part of Tosoku's DPP lineup, which is known for its precision and reliability.
  • The DPP02010N16R series switches feature digital encoding technology, meaning they convert mechanical rotations into discrete electrical signals that represent specific positions or codes.
  • Constructed with rugged materials to withstand industrial environments, these rotary switches have a rotating shaft that can be actuated to select among a predefined number of positions.
  • Each position corresponds to a unique binary or decimal code that is transmitted to the associated control system.
  • The DPP series switches are typically compatible with many types of CNC controllers and automation systems, fitting seamlessly into the panel layout due to their standardized dimensions and electrical interfaces.
  • Designed with longevity in mind, the switches are built to endure heavy-duty use, featuring wear-resistant components and tight tolerances to maintain consistent performance throughout their operational life.

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