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Partner with inRobots

Partner with inRobots

Become our partner. We'll help you become competitive in the industrial robotics market!


Resource sharing

By partnering with us, you gain access to shared marketing resources, including sales channels and customer databases, which help reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Enhanced products and services

We offer complementary products and services that enhance your portfolio, delivering one-stop solutions to your customers.


Improved sales efficiency

Partners familiar with your market and customers can efficiently sell your products, shortening the sales cycle. Additionally, we offer inventory support to alleviate your stockholding pressures.


Product Replacement Program

Discover alternatives for discontinued or hard-to-find products with Product Replacement Program, ensuring a swift return to production for your customers.


Why Choose Us:

High quality products:
All products are rigorously tested to help partners better manage the quality of their products so that customers can use them with greater confidence.

Professional support:
We have more than ten years of sales experience, can provide partners with professional technical support and customer service.

Supply chain management system:
Strong supply chain management capabilities, can reduce product and transportation costs, to provide customers with greater concessions

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Our Features

Fast Delivery

We understand that time is crucial for your parts, so we provide prompt delivery services.


Our parts undergo strict quality control to ensure they meet your requirements.

Super Support

Our team is ready to provide you with professional support and advice at any time.

Good Pricing

We offer competitive pricing options to help you manage your robot and automatioin part costs effectively.