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Yaskawa JZSP-CMP01-3 Servo Encoder Cable

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The JZSP-CMP01-3 Encoder Cable is a specialized cable designed and manufactured by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, this particular cable is specifically tailored to connect encoders with Yaskawa servo motors and servo drives in high-precision industrial automation applications.

  • The JZSP-CMP01-3 cable is designed to interface with encoder devices that are compatible with Yaskawa servo systems, ensuring accurate and reliable transmission of position and speed feedback signals from the encoder to the motor controller.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials and shielding, this cable ensures minimal signal degradation, low noise interference, and resistance to environmental factors common in industrial settings, such as mechanical stress, heat, and chemical exposure.
  • The cable features specialized connectors that are specifically engineered to mate with the appropriate encoder output and servo drive input ports, ensuring a secure and stable connection that minimizes signal interruptions.
  • The JZSP-CMP01-3 encoder cable is configured to transmit the delicate analog or digital signals generated by the encoder accurately.
  • It may consist of multiple wires arranged in a specific pinout pattern to carry differential signals, power supply, and possibly ground lines.

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